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Voluntary Registration for Maltese Living Abroad

It is always highly recommended that ALL Maltese citizens living and/or travelling abroad register their movements with the Directorate for Maltese Living Abroad (where one resides and/or travels). Each member of the family/delegation/group is required to fill a separate form and list of countries to visit/live. This exercise is essential in cases of emergencies – example, natural disasters, accidents, loss or theft of travel documents, conflicts, terrorist attacks, etc, in order to facilitate assistance when required. In such cases of emergency, the work of the Directorate for the Maltese Living Abroad within the Ministry for Foreign Affairs will be greatly facilitated if such Form is filled and forwarded. This is in order to be able to find Maltese citizens in distress, to able to take approprate and timely action(s) to assist citizens and contacting next-of-kin if/when necessary. The Notification D Form – Voluntary Registration for Maltese Living Abroad and instructions can be accessed through the Ministry for Foreign Affiars website ( under the item Services then scroll down to Maltese Living Abroad and then click on the following links: Notification D Form: Instructions: Please send your filled out form either to, or our physical address at 13/1 Velyka Vasylkivska (formerly Chervonoarmiyska) str., Kyiv, 01004 Ukraine

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