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Where to apply

Starting from the 1st of September, 2014, Ukrainian citizens who intend to submit documents for a Schengen short-term visa have to apply at the nearest visa centre of the Embassy of Spain in Ukraine. Visa centers are locate in Kyiv, Donets'k, Kharkiv, Odesa and Lviv.

Those seeking long-stay national visa (type D) can apply at any visa centre of Malta in Russian Federation. If you do not want to go to Russia yourself you may approach one of the accredited tourist companies that could help you ship documents to and from Russia. Remember, that as per latest regulations, the passport cannot cross the border of Russia without its carrier. If that occurs, the passport will be confiscated. In case the applicant has a valid short-term Schengen visa, he/she may apply through Embassy of Malta in Poland


In order to obtain Schengen visa, the applicant must comply with all applicable rules and regulations, like Schengen Borders Code, Community Code on Visas etc. A brief summary of rules is set in Guidelines for Applicants for Visa. First and foremost, prospective applicant has to understand which type of visa suits his/her needs. Two key aspects to keep in mind are purpose of visit  and duration of stay. Short-term Schengen visa allows staying within Schengen Union for a period not exceeding 90 days in 180-day period, while long-stay national visa (type D) allows staying in the country of issuance and does not allow travelling around Schengen Union for purposes other than transit for no more than five days.

Prior to paying a visit to any visa centre, make sure you booked the appointment over the form provided by website's form. The next thing is the visa interview and document submission. At this time, you need to provide documents required for aspecific type of visa and purpose of stay in Malta.

Lists of documents for short-term visas for the purposes of transit (for non-citizens of Ukraine), business/conference/fair, tourism, visiting family and friends, sports/culture, medical treatment, study, work, marrying, family reunification with citizen or non-citizen of EU.

Lists of documents for long-stay visa for the purposes of work, marrying, studyfamily reunification with citizen or non-citizen of EU.

One must also carefully fill-out the visa application form, provide proof of presence of valid insurance covering the duration of stay, sufficient funds to support one's stay in Malta (no less than 48 Euros per person per day). Make sure you travel plan is reflected in the visa application form. Among other things, your photos must be of the right size. Check this for further clarifications about the documents required. 

The full application must be filed also for a child/children travelling. Even if that is an infant, signed into parents' passport.

Visa fees

Please refer to VFS Global Visa Center website at

 Application Review

Normally application review takes at least five working days, but no more than three weeks.


As of today, Malta recognizes Travel Document of a Child issued in Ukraine as a valid ID. In case you are travelling with children, make sure they are either listed in your passport or bear a valid travel document. Also, if only one parent or no parents/ guardian at all accompany children on their trip to Schengen Union countries, there must be a notarised written consent of parents/guardian for the kids to leave their home country (with a certified translation for the convenience of the border service officers). 

Please, act responsibly at the time of providing the information to visa centre. Any changes to your travel plan, that were not communicated to the consulate of the visa-issuing country will lead to to cancellation of your visa without any notification to you. In order to avoid any complications please maintain communication in good faith with the consulate of the coutry issuing the visa.

Accredited companies

ALLIANCE +38 (044) 4927286

ITC SPUTNIK KIEV +38 (044) 5319130

PROLAND +38 (044) 2369009

SAM Travel Company +38 (044) 2386952/8

UKRTECHINTUR +38 (044) 4619050  

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